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PhD hallgatónk látogatása a British Columbia Egyetemen


One of our PhD students, James Kudjo Govina has recently visited the University of British Columbia, gathering useful knowledge and new contacts. Below, you can find his report about his experiences:


Brief report on my trip to University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, Canada
16th - 19th April 2024.

The advantages of professional networking for career development motivated me to initiate a discussion with my Supervisor, Professor Robert Nemeth, for a trip to the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. Upon approval, I visit the UBC-Faculty of Forestry between 16th -19th April. Historically, this Faculty and the University of Sopron have a strong and positive connection. Some evidence of this relationship includes a street named 'SOPRON' and a plaque on UBC campus, both close to the main building of the Faculty. It was awesome to personally see these landmarks.

IMG_20240418_100244.jpg IMG_20240417_143627.jpg IMG_20240417_142032.jpg

The Head of Wood Sciences Department, Professor Stavros Avramidis warmly received and generously showed me around, covering some laboratory and workshop facilities supporting their teaching and research. I had the opportunity to attend the Department's weekly morning coffee/tea gathering event between Faculty members and graduate students. I met welcoming, kind and enthusiastic personalities. Later, Dengcheng Feng, a PhD Candidate working with Professor Philip Evans hosted and introduced me to their fascinating research that incorporates CT scan and VR. I also had the chance to see high-tech VR associated equipment for training professional sprayers.


The purpose of my trip was fully achieved, and I hope it will lead to collaboration in the future. I am grateful to Professors Robert Nemeth, Stavros Avramidis, and Philip Evans. Moreover, I appreciate the time of Dengcheng Feng.

James Kudjo Govina, PhD Student

Faculty of Wood Engineering and Creative Industries

University of Sopron

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